Answer: GGP Energy differentiates itself through its integrated and localised approach. Unlike traditional renewable energy retailers or solar farm operators, all our solar farms are equipped with battery storage to ensure uninterrupted, sustainable renewable energy delivery, ensuring energy reliability even during grid outages. Our local engagement strategy prioritises the communities we serve, fostering partnerships that benefit both businesses and the environment.

Q: How does GGP Energy serve the local community?

Answer: GGP Energy is committed to the communities we operate in. We prioritise hiring locally, engaging in community outreach, and investing in renewable energy projects that benefit the region. Our goal is to strengthen local economies while advancing clean energy adoption nationwide.

Q. What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and how can it benefit my business?

Answer: A PPA is a contract that allows your business to purchase electricity generated by GGP Energy at an agreed-upon rate over a fixed term. This provides cost predictability, supports sustainability goals, and can lead to long-term cost savings on your energy bills.

Q. Can you explain the advantages of solar roofs and microgrids for my organization?

Answer: Solar roofs allow you to harness clean energy from your own rooftop, reducing grid dependence and electricity costs. Microgrids provide energy resilience by ensuring a continuous power supply, even during grid outages. Both solutions support environmental responsibility and energy independence.

Q. How can GGP Energy help my business reduce its carbon footprint?

Answer: GGP Energy offers renewable energy solutions, including solar roofs, microgrids, and large-scale solar and battery farms, all of which significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources. Partnering with us is a proactive step toward a greener future. GGP Energy also helps contribute to carbon emission reduction by offering Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), which enable organisations to offset their emissions and achieve their environmental targets.

Q. What is the typical duration of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with GGP Energy?

Answer: The duration of a PPA can vary depending on your needs, but it typically spans between 10 to 20 years. GGP Energy works with clients to tailor PPA contracts to their specific requirements and objectives.

Q. How does GGP Energy ensure the reliability and sustainability of its renewable energy solutions?

Answer: GGP Energy's commitment to reliability and sustainability is exemplified by our integrated solar and battery farm approach. This combination ensures a stable power supply, reduces grid vulnerabilities, and enhances the overall environmental impact of our solutions.

Q. Can my organization monetise unused rooftop space through GGP Energy's solar roof program?

Answer: Absolutely. GGP Energy can help your business transform underutilized rooftop space into a revenue-generating platform through our solar roof program, subject to feasibility and necessity as determined by an assessment of your electricity usage. This approach ensures that leasing your rooftop for solar panel installations is only pursued when it is both feasible and beneficial, contributing to clean energy generation and reducing your carbon footprint.

Q. Will GGP Energy be exploring other renewable energy solutions in the future?

Answer: Yes, GGP Energy is committed to continuous innovation in the renewable energy sector. We are actively exploring new technologies and solutions to further expand our portfolio and provide cutting-edge options to our clients.

Q: Does GGP Energy offer electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions?

Answer: The short answer is yes! GGP Energy is dedicated to promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles. We are actively developing EV charging solutions for businesses, communities, and individuals. Contact our team today for a consultation.

Q. How can I get started with GGP Energy's renewable energy solutions?

Answer: To get started with GGP Energy, simply reach out to our team for a consultation. We'll assess your energy needs and sustainability goals, then work together to tailor a solution that best meets your requirements and aligns with your organisation's objectives.