GGP Energy’s Elwomple Solar and Battery Station Powers Up South Australia

Elwomple, South Australia – August 15, 2023

GGP Energy is proud to announce the successful completion of the Elwomple Solar and Battery Station, marking a significant milestone in South Australia’s renewable energy landscape. Located in Elwomple, South Australia, the 5-megawatt (MW) solar power and 4.5-megawatt-hour (MWh) energy storage station is now officially connected to the South Australian Power Networks (SAPN).

The Elwomple Solar and Battery Station represents GGP Energy’s first independently owned project, showcasing the company’s commitment to investing in sustainable energy solutions. The project’s completion was achieved by the end of May 2023, with the grid connection permit obtained from South Australian Power Networks (SAPN).

Elwomple, situated in the southeast of South Australia, experiences a dry climate with abundant sunlight throughout the year, making it an ideal location for a solar power station. Additionally, Elwomple strategically lies on the path of interconnectors between South Australia and Victoria, adjacent to highways and transportation routes, ensuring convenient power transmission.

“We are thrilled to see the Elwomple Solar and Battery Station come to life, providing clean and renewable energy to the local community,” said Jason, CEO at GGP Energy. “This project not only demonstrates the feasibility of solar energy in the region but also showcases the potential for future developments in sustainable energy.”

The project was self-funded by GGP Energy with a partial loan secured by the local bank prior to the construction, showcasing the financier’s confidence in the project. The Elwomple Solar and Battery Station has also created abundant job opportunities for the local community during construction, contributing to economic growth and sustainability in the region.

GGP Energy remains committed to investing in renewable energy projects that benefit both the environment and local communities. The completion of the Elwomple Solar and Battery Station marks a significant step towards achieving a sustainable and greener future for South Australia.